Divorce & Custody Attorney in Clarion, Pennsylvania

How Do You File for Divorce?

Are you planning to file for divorce? Make an appointment with the lead divorce attorney at Pope & Bogush Attorneys at Law, LLC in Clarion, Pennsylvania. Our firm understands the legal separation and divorce process in the state of Pennsylvania and the emotional toll it takes on your family. We can offer you smart advice and helpful solutions. You can count on our dedicated attorney, Michael B. Bogush, to:

  • Explain the divorce process

  • Protect your personal and property rights

  • Help you come to a spousal support agreement

  • Represent you during court appearances and negotiations

With proper representation, you will command a stronger presence in the courtroom and have a better chance of securing your desired outcome. Our lead attorney will also be available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Seeking family law counsel?

Dangers of Representing Yourself in Custody Matters

As a devoted parent, you'd do anything for your children. So when it comes to living and financial arrangements you should have legal counsel to help you. Trying to represent yourself can create many problems as you can't turn off emotions in these situations. You case should be made clear and without personal bias. Let Pope & Bogush Attorneys at Law protect your parental rights during the divorce or separation process. Our family lawyer, Michael B. Bogush, can assist with:

  • Child custody proceedings.

  • Child support issues.

  • Visitation negotiations.

These matters are very serious and can dictate the future relationship you have with your children. Our firm offers exceptional family legal services to families and individuals in Clarion, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. Our lead child custody attorney has extensive experience helping families find the best solution to their situation.

Don't put off getting the help you need to pursue the best outcome for your family. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.