Criminal Defense Attorney in Clarion, Pennsylvania

What Can a Defense Attorney Help With?

Criminal defense has been the main focus of my practice since I began practicing law twenty (20) years ago. In matters of criminal law, the experience is paramount, whether it concerns matters of bail, the preliminary hearing, pretrial motions, matters involving procuring evidence, plea negotiations, selecting a jury or conducting a jury trial.

Often when I first meet a prospective client at my office in Clarion, Pennsylvania, they feel their world is falling apart because they have been charged with a crime, and quite frankly, they are unfamiliar with the process, their rights, and the possible outcomes of their case. On many occasions, clients with little knowledge of the criminal system experience excruciating anxiety worrying about their job, their family and whether jail time or some other major penalty is just around the bend.

Charged with a crime?

Steps to Protect Your Civil & Constitutional Rights

I tell clients that they have taken a smart first step by seeking legal representation, as your rights will be protected, your defenses will be asserted, and you will have an advocate on your side going forward.

I have defended clients in Clarion, Pennsylvania and the surrounding counties under prosecution by numerous district attorneys, as well as prosecutors from the Attorney General’s office. I have been successful in defending clients before a jury of their peers, and I am no stranger to the courtroom. My representation of clients includes those charged with the highest grade of a felony to those who have been arrested for DUI or unreasonably issued summary or traffic citations. I realize that each case I, regardless of the seriousness of the charge, is serious and of the utmost concern to my clients, and you can be sure that aggressive and competent representation will be conducted under my counsel.